My vision of fashion

“Observation, enjoyment and innovation…”

It is a process that begins with the inner self, cultivating a vision, an idea, which is then exteriorised in a material format, an object of any type, which becomes a fashion when used by society.

It is not just the object that matters; I believe that the essence is what lies behind the object: the designers’ implicit skill and know-how, reflecting their identity, shaped by the society they live in and the events happening around them.

The quest for perfection, for innovating with each collection, growing, developing and improving – these are all aspects that are gradually strengthening my ties with the fashion industry.

After four years studying at the Madrid School of Design, over the last ten years I have had the opportunity to work in the design teams for top name firms such as Antonio Pernas, Uterqüe (part of the Inditex Group) and other leading international brands.

I am tremendously grateful to them for everything they taught me, for giving me the opportunity and freedom to express myself in each design, and in particular because these experiences gave me just the right drive and determination to take on new challenges.

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