Taking traditional handcrafted processes as my starting point, I interpret the artisans’ vision. A pure vision, free from external influences, which merges with forms and shapes in my mind, gradually bringing ideas to life that emerge as unique objects that are a world away from the original.
Initial concepts evolve and develop, blending into a whole that reflects my own perspective and understanding, distancing myself from the obvious.
The origins of this collection are to be found in the skilled hands of Manuel and his workshop in Osuna, Cordoba. His work inspired me to embark on a journey into concepts and sensations seeking alternative forms of beauty featuring graphics from myriad inspirations based on classic embossing patterns.
A search for allure and appeal in the industrial methods of the 18th century, imbuing myself in the mechanical settings and the sound of clanking machinery in order to reproduce the atmospheres through bold designs. An undefined pattern offset by other elements of design and the sense of calm serenity that only handcrafted work can bring, reflected in the collection through delicately sequenced strokes.
Every colour, texture or shape stems from a mood or emotion based on an aesthetic balance that emerges from my cultural awareness of harmony.
Interventions by the Cordobán y Guadamecí ARTE 2 Workshop. See contents in EDITORIAL.
More info at www.arte2.es
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